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Ceo Wollongong Enterprise Agreement

In recent months, the IEU has negotiated new agreements in a number of schools and schools, with significant benefits from pipelines. No agreement has been reached by the IEU and Catholic employers The Catholic Industrial Relations Commission (CCER) wrote to the union on 1 June with its position on the new Enterprise Agreements (EEAs) for teachers and support staff in some 30 independent Catholic schools covered by the model B and Model C multi-company agreements. As you know, the current AEs have ended at the end of 2019. Minister Mark Northam has expressed the union`s support to our queensland colleagues, 7,000 of whom face the unprecedented risk of being excluded from their schools if negotiations on the agreements intensify. Members of the nine independent Christian schools, which are insured in a new agreement for support staff, voted in favour of the agreement and secured a 13% increase in the minimum wage over four years. Today, Catholic teachers took union action in Sydney and rallied against the CCER`s decision to interfere with their right to arbitration in their recent enterprise contract. The IEU is seeking to raise wages and strengthen regulations in response to increasing pressure from members in the current round of negotiations. The union was informed in September by the AIS that schools did not want to enter into new enterprise agreements for 2021 and that wage increases in 2021, if any, would be set under a school discretion. The AIS proposed that the IEU representatives discuss with their principal/head of the school the proposal to increase staff in their school. Teachers from ten independent Christian schools in NSW will have obtained agreement on several companies that have been put into circulation by their schools. The union recommends a “yes” vote on the agreement.

Learn about the progress of agreements in Catholic and NSW Christian schools. In late December, the Fair Work Commission approved two new enterprise agreements that will apply to teachers in nearly 50 NSW Christian schools. On 3 March, the Secretary of the NSW/ACT IEU Branch, John Quessy, wrote a letter to all the contractors, explaining how the Union had reached an agreement on THE PRINCIPALS (ARCHDIOCESE OF SYDNEY) ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2017-2019 EA. The IEU meets again this week with the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations to discuss our demands for a new enterprise agreement for teachers and support staff in Catholic schools. Although we have managed to secure a number of positions, there are still a number of issues to be resolved. Do you have any difficulties with the voting process for the Catholic Systemic Enterprise Agreement 2020? Members should have received an email yesterday inviting you to vote for the 2020 Catholic Systemic Enterprise Agreement. Be sure to vote in the australian Election Company`s enterprise agreement on behalf of your employer. The Independent Education Union (IIEU) advises its members not to sign confidentiality agreements regarding the management of NAPLAN online testing.

The NSW government has signed the Gonski 2.0 agreement, which it says will guarantee additional resources for schools across the state. The IEU has written to the heads of schools and independent school principals involved in the ongoing negotiations on the agreement of several companies with the AIS. The letter deals with inaccurate assertions by the adjudicator powers that there is no delay in negotiations and that negotiations are still ongoing. Teachers and support staff in the ACT and NSW Catholic schools voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new enterprise agreement, with an overwhelming 98% in favour of its adoption.