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Une Professional Staff Agreement

The Wages Department supports the university of New England`s mission by ensuring effective treatment of salaries and benefits for teachers, specialized staff and the student workforce. Our goal is to maintain a high level of service in a timely, courteous and professional manner for the UN community. Payroll staff are committed to helping the UN community strive for innovation and excellence by responding quickly and professionally to requests for help. More than six million workers use collective bargaining to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions, including doctors, nurses, teachers, teachers, researchers, engineers, interpreters, technicians, administrative staff and many others in countless other professions. [i] No two union contracts are exactly the same because workers adapt their collective agreements to their specific professional needs and the context of their employers. The ongoing negotiations on the Enterprise Agreement (EA) between local members of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and university of New England (UN) leaders are adopting a combative tone. If you are interested in contacting a trade union of professionals, you can contact us. Companies, in their desire to reduce costs and increase profits, regularly replace American professionals with immigrant workers on visas like the H-1B. Immigrant workers in these programs are easily exploited because they are generally paid below market wages and are unable to apply for another job. In addition, employers control their visas and work permits, which means that most immigrant workers probably do not talk about poor working conditions or cooperate with the authorities after a complaint has been filed. Engineers and other specialists from the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) have been working to reform these visa programs to protect immigrant and U.S. employees and to ensure that companies are not encouraged to use these programs to reduce under-utilization of American workers and exploit immigrant workers.

[xvii] “The NTEU asserts that, in order to make progress towards a new agreement, the unseal leadership must accelerate the pace of negotiations by abandoning demands: the change of employment; redundancy verification Misconduct and unsatisfactory performance procedures that undermine current employment protection,” he said. [ii] United Teachers of Los Angeles (January 2019, 22). Preliminary agreement 2019. “The NTEU insists that management is putting on the table substantial negotiations on our claims that have been on the table for almost a year, including improved superannuation, access to safe work for casual and temporary workers, improved workload/regulation of quarters, provision of redundancy rights for professionals and, of course, a wage increase that is not ridiculous.” You can find answers to the frequently asked questions about unions for professionals at “I am a professional. What can a Union do for me?¬†On June 1, UNE management announced a 1.5% increase in administration compensation for staff inexperience in July 2018. “In order not to penalize staff during discussions, the university has informed staff that they will receive a 1.5% pay increase in July. This increase is in line with the results of enterprise bargaining across the sector, with some universities paying an average annual increase of less than 1.5%. “Casual Student Employment” is a specific category of professional employees. The work schedules of a casual student are subject to availability that is relevant to the requirements of the curriculum.

Casual students receive an all-inclusive rate, according to Schedule 2, regardless of workdays. The minimum length of engagement for a casual student is