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View Virgin Mobile Credit Agreement

If you do not want your contract to change in this way and the contract is terminated at the end of the minimum period, you must notify us at least 30 days (before your minimum period expires). You would have received two e-mails. The first email has the “Thank you for your order” subject line. He will confirm your order and inform you of the date on which we plan to deliver. The delivery date remains unchanged as long as you sign your agreement before 6:30 p.m. on the day the emails are received. The % multiplier used to calculate the early separation tax is audited quarterly by Virgin Mobile. This is why it may change slightly from time to time. The second email has the “How she can place your order with Virgin Media” subject line. It contains legal information about your contract and a link through which you can view and sign your contract. That is, I am outside the UK in a non-European country. I would like to terminate my scheduling contract.

I can`t ask 789 to terminate my contract. If I turn on my mobile data, it gets too expensive. I have virgin Mobile`s email support team, but there is no response. Is there another more cost-effective way to contact Virgin Mobile`s support team? It`s a reference. Syed SIM Only and Airtime contracts: To give you access to our best deals, we don`t always include a complete list of our hand set and SIM plans that they can buy. If you prefer one of our default offers, click here to see and buy. If you wish to terminate your contract due to poor Virgin mobile coverage, it is likely that early termination fees will always be charged if you are within the minimum term of your contract. Virgin Mobile`s STAC code retraction process (Service Authorisation Termination Code) is also used when you switch to another mobile phone network. However, with a Virgin STAC code, you restart with another phone number on your new mobile phone network.

In addition, it`s worth contacting Virgin Customer Service to see if anything else can be done to improve the coverage where you live. You can reach them by calling 789 from your Virgin phone. For example, future work could be planned near you to improve signal strength. Virgin Mobile can also provide you with apps or accessories to improve coverage of your place of residence. Virgin`s default cancellation process should only be used if you don`t join another mobile phone network. In the event of a default cancellation, you should call Virgin Mobile to tell them that you want to terminate your contract. A 30-day notice applies, by which you must continue to pay your normal monthly rent. If you want to upgrade to a new smartphone, you can follow the process of shutting down the Pac code or STAC code when you switch to another mobile phone network. Freestyle is the best way to our best quality devices. With Freestyle, you have two contracts covered by two withdrawals.