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Weibo User Agreement

On June 4, 2013, Sina Weibo blocked the terms “Today,” “Today,” “June 4” and “Big Yellow Duck.” If a user has searched for these terms, a message indicating that, in accordance with relevant laws, statuses and policies, the search results cannot be displayed. This censorship was introduced because a photoshopped version of Tank Man, which had exchanged all the tanks in the photo with the rubber Duck sculpture, circulated on Twitter. [70] [71] Weilingdi (微领, literally: micro-dossier) is another service that is bundled with Weibo. Like Foursquare, Weilingdi is a social networking site based on the location of mobile devices; The site was born from Sina`s joint venture in 2011 with GeoSentric`s GyPSii. [56] Sina Tuding`s photo-sharing service (钉) is also produced by the same joint venture, like Instagram. Sina Lady Weibo (浪微) specializes in women`s interests. The Weibo Data Center provides users with access to data analytics on a topic of their choice, official Sina Weibo data and demographic information. Sina Weibo also recently released a desktop version to download for free on its website. [52] Article 9: If the legitimate rights and interests of sina Weibo users are infringed, they can protect their rights and interests through the Weibo notification function or judicial channels. Article 5: Users enjoy the rights to use Sina Weibo accounts. This right of use cannot be transferred under any circumstances, the accounts` deeds are considered to be the acts of the registered user.

Data protection includes authentic names, ID numbers, phone numbers, private addresses and other individual information that the user does not wish to publish. Article 29: Disputes initiated as a result of user activities on Weibo have no relationship with Sina Corporation. Mu Jiashuo, who runs a Weibo account for the “Dota 2” video game, said that while the new conditions prevent third parties from using Weibo content, the problem of content theft from Weibo is not resolved. “These new measures are very beneficial for Weibo – they are not developed at all for users,” Mu said. On September 8, 2017, Weibo issued an ultimatum to its users to check their accounts with their real names until September 15. [73] The platform announced in the same month that it would hire 1,000 “supervisors” of its users to exercise censorship.