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What Is A S33 Agreement

An authority that has been delegated to a function, power or obligation in accordance with this section may abandon the transfer in accordance with the delegation contract. The delegation of functions, powers or obligations under this section is carried out by mutual agreement between the relevant authorities and under the agreed conditions. An authority that is delegated a function, power or obligation under this section may accept such a transfer, unless the provisions of a statute by which it is constituted or under which it finds itself have expressly prohibited it; and in the context of such a delegation, its functions, powers and obligations are deemed to be extended to the extent necessary for it to exercise, exercise and exercise office, power or obligation. before adopting this special consultation procedure, the Minister is informed of his proposal for a delegation of duties, authority or obligation; and both authorities agree that delegation is desirable for all the following reasons: for the purposes of this section, the public authority includes – the authority in which the delegation takes place, the appropriate community of interest in the exercise or exercise of the function, jurisdiction or obligation: a territorial authority that has delegated a function, power or obligation under this section , may change or revoke the transfer by notification to the purchaser at any time. A joint committee set up for Section 80; There you go.