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Agreement Between Investor And Investee

Subject to item 34.1, this agreement, as well as information on the terms of the investment presented in the Pitch, contains the entire agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the issues set out in it. This agreement should not be construed as the purpose of creating a partnership or joint venture between the contracting parties. No provision in this agreement is construed as constituting one of the contracting parties as an agent of another party, unless it is inherent in paragraph 24 or any other named relationship that is the subject of this agreement. This investment agreement between the nominee and the investor; The Nominee orders these heirs to join the Platform with the funds made available on the Platform, provided that, if that heir is not allowed to join as a member of the platform, the nominaire will create on his behalf a special affiliation that will allow him to exercise rights concerning the shares inherited from the investor and/or any other quality that must be granted to the platform (subject to and on the terms of an heir contract), but not other measures; and an account for Investee Company, which holds investors` money; A reference to a law, a statutory provision or subordinate legislation is a reference to it, since it is in force from time to time, taking into account any changes or new regulations, and includes all subordinate laws, legal provisions or legal provisions that it amends or re-enacts; to the extent that such a change or new staging between the parties does not apply for the purposes of this agreement, to the extent that it would impose a new or extensive obligation, liability or limitation of the rights of a party or otherwise affect it. The investor and the candidate agree that the relationship between them can only be that of the client and the candidate, that there is no intention to create a partnership between the nominee and the investor and that this agreement should not be construed as constituting a partnership or other form of joint venture between the nominee and the investor. The investor`s affiliation agreement with SeedTribe Limited; a transaction in which the shareholders of Investee, including the nameholder on behalf of the investor, are required to sell certain shares they hold, in accordance with the constitutional documents of Investee Company, the terms of a subscription contract or other agreements relating to the investment in Investee Company or any law or rule of which the Investee company is subject (a transaction of “exit transaction”); or it seems reasonable to the nominee that the equity firm may stagnate in the foreseeable future, which means that it is unlikely to generate significant returns for the investor and other investors, but that it has no intention of dissolving its activities or discontinuing others; or if the shares issued by Investee Company under paragraph 8.1, as indicated in the parking area, constitute rights to other types of shares of the holding company or are later convertible into other types of shares of the holding company, The nominee may be required to replace, at the time of the issuance of these other shares, a subsequent underwriting agreement and/or other agreement with Investee Company (which may replace the agreement under paragraph 8.1.1) as a candidate of the investor and co-investors, and to have these other types of shares legally qualified on behalf of the designated custodian on behalf of the investor and co-investors.