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New Parks Canada Collective Agreement

BANFF – Parks Canada workers have ratified a new agreement between their union and their employer that includes wage increases. Parks Canada has 180 days from the date of the signing of the new collective agreement: a three-year contract will allow PSAC, as the main bargaining partner, to determine the pace of negotiations in the next round. Parks Canada Officials say the agency is pleased to have reached a preliminary agreement with PSAC for the renewal of a collective agreement.  “Parks Canada employees represented by the Alliance are invited to ratify the interim agreement and we encourage them to participate in this exercise,” spokesman Véronik Mainville said in an emailed statement. Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSCA) in Parks Canada bargaining units voted in favour of their preliminary agreements. The new collective agreement is valid for the period 2018-21. “Parks Canada would like to thank the two bargaining teams for their efforts and commitment that led to the renewal of the collective agreement,” says the change in maternity and parental leave leave that will come into effect on the day the collective agreement is signed. Remember that once you receive parental benefits, you cannot change the length of your leave. In the coming weeks, PSAC will meet with Parks Canada representatives to sign the new collective agreements. With the exception of retroactive monetary provisions, new contractual terms come into effect on the day of signing.

The ratification kit, which contains the full text of the preliminary agreement, is now available for download here: employees have conducted rotating strikes in national parks and historic sites across the country, including in Banff, with managers intervening to try to maintain services where they “unanimously recommend your negotiating team to ratify the interim agreement.” Union representatives say that all agreements provide for fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions. It was a long and painful process, but it`s over! It`s a great asset to our members. PSAC has reached an interim agreement with the employer: competitive wage increases, greater parity with the central public administration, phoenix remuneration, improved working conditions and job security and no concessions. Banff – Parks Canada and the union representing its employees have reached an interim agreement, including wage increases. A Parks Canada spokesperson said the Agency was pleased that employees had voted in favour of ratifying the collective agreement with PSAC. “PSAC has reached an interim agreement that includes a competitive economic increase, greater parity with the central public service, no concessions and improved working conditions and job security,” says a newsletter to its members. All members with a good reputation can apply for a trade unionist course. For advanced courses, you must receive a recommendation from your local component or component or a PSAC-NCR regional advisor.

– to grant retroactive compensation for the time elapsed since the expiry of the old contracts, and PSAC`s negotiating team has provided wage increases of 2.11% per year on average. After the PSAC article: There is now a new allocation of $1 per hour for handling dogs. Members are invited to participate in an online ratification process from October 5 to November 4. . . . “I am proud of the elected members of our negotiating teams for their unwavering commitment to this roundtable,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC National President. . Please refer to our Phoenix Damages FAQ. Members who have to pay additional child care costs to participate in our educational activities will be reimbursed in accordance with the PSAC Family Care Directive. .

All lump sums and allowances as well as other improvements are included in the PSAC article. Read here: The federal agency has 180 days from the signing of the contract to implement salary increases,