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Subscriber Agreement Sectigo

By clicking on the sent URL, the user lands on the website below. Here, all seizure fields must be indicated and an agreement must be given on the conditions. You will now leave our website redirected to a third party site operated by Sectigo Ltd. Immediately delete viruses to keep your PC virus free Is it not known? Please contact us. The email sent has the following text: To make this request, you must accept the application and the subscription contract of Sectigo. A number of tests are required for the issuance of EV certificates. One of the reviews is the obligation to accept CA`s terms. Impenetrable cybersecurity without loss of ease of use Set up, provided or optimized your Comodo solutions For Sectigo EV certificates, it is now possible to do so directly online. As soon as an agreement has been reached, the telephone validation is carried out. A URL for the Sectigo subscription contract is sent by email, via our control panel or via our API.

You can specify which email address the email should be sent to. Using the API, it is also possible to indicate the language. The default language is Dutch. We have received a request for a SSL Sectigo EV SAFETY certificate for attention: you are redirected to the Comodo CA Limited website, which is a third-party website… When it is sent, the phone`s validation is launched.