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Telus Easy Payment Agreement

People wanted transparency with device prices – now the phone is financed separately at 0% APR for 24 months. The advantage is that at the end of the life, the phone`s payment automatically falls off the bill without having to turn on to change your plan to BYOD. All plans are now monthly plans. “We really wanted to create transparency around the devices, not just what their functionality is, but also what they cost,” Senko said. “This now separates payment from network payment and gives our customers a lot of choices about how many devices I need compared to what I want to pay. Along the way, we provide zero per cent of funding to help them do that. Amount paid: the sum of the total monthly payments paid by the debtor. Start date: This is when monthly payments begin. Your TELUS FACILE PAYMENT® balance is the remaining balance to pay to pay the cost of your device on 24 identical monthly payments. Your EASY TELUS payment® balance depends on the pre-payment option you choose, your device`s discounts and your choice for the Bring-It-Back program. To learn more about the TELUS Bring-it-Back program, please visit Starting balance: This is the start of TELUS Easy Payment® balance paid by the 24 monthly payments.

You can make informed decisions about how much you want to pay in advance compared to each month and about the device within your budget. The cost of the equipment is evenly distributed over 24 months. For more information about TELUS Easy Payment® see Current balance: remaining balances of AND`s light payment® balance after deducting monthly payments made so far. Customers have access to the newest and best device within their budget, with 4 device payment options and 2 easy payment terms: Monthly Payment: TELUS Easy Payment® (24 mbs): The TELUS Easy Payment® balance, divided into equal payments over 24 months. These monthly fees will not be taxes, as taxes have already been paid in advance on the cost of the device. According to TELUS, this payment plan has two components. Based on the above option, all device discounts and if you are part of the Bring-It-Back program, the rest of TELUS Easy Payment® balance of your device will be spread over 24 identical monthly payments.

Once you have paid the payment credit ® TELUS Easy Payment, the device fee is automatically deducted from your bill and the only remaining monthly fee is for your plan with TELUS. “Until now, the price structure in the sector has been very complicated,” Senko said.