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Tesda Competency Assessment Agreement Sheet

Lapea reminded TESDA`s regional and provincial offices to obtain approval from local government units and strictly adhere to the guidelines prescribed in conducting their personal assessments. As the country has prepared for the new normal in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Technical Training and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will resume assessing the skills of Filipino foreign workers (OFW), who must accept the obligation to work abroad. It should be remembered that a personal assessment is only permitted in the areas of the DenMGCQ under IATF Resolution 47. TESDA`s national directors will also inspect all assessment centres in their territory if they can take safety and health measures, while complying with all qualification assessment requirements. Only 50 per cent of the total capacity of the assessment centre by evaluation plan can be allocated and confirmed to accredited assessment centres. Isidro Lapea, Secretary General of TESDA, ordered, in a memorandum, the continuation of the assessments of the NC II and housekeeping NC II household work for domestic helpers; Ship`s Catering Services (Messman) NC I and Ship`s Catering Services (Ship`s Cooks) NC III for Seafarers; and caregiving NC II for facilitators in areas where the General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) has been modified, citing the fact that the OFW needs their national certificates as a requirement before they can be used. Neighbouring NCR regions have advised Lapea to host the OFW`s personal assessment in the event of extreme need. Most of the assessment centres accredited for these qualifications are located in the National Capital Region (NCR), which is currently in the general community quarantine. The head of TESDA also called on all the directors of the Land to direct the OFW towards the requirements. Individuals with five years` experience can opt for portfolio evaluation. All you have to do is submit requirements such as declarations of intent; TesDA`s approval agreement form; resume (mention of educational or learning outcomes or informal recordings of past learning, successes and chronological recordings of meaningful learning and work experience); Employment certificate with job description indicating the number of years signed by the employer for salaried workers, among other things by e-mail to [email protected] OFW whose NC has expired, it can also be renewed online.

There are three ways for the OFW to secure its national certificate.