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Umass Boston Collective Bargaining Agreement

Positions defined as ranked personnel are based on matching duties and responsibilities with specifications contained in the state title and governed by Massachusetts General Laws. The level of pay for each position depends on the rank assigned to the corresponding title. Classified employees are covered by the collective agreement and the salary plan is included in the collective agreement. Classified positions are generally quality office, administrative and technical positions, as well as craft and employment jobs. Your link to trade union agreements (collective agreements) and other useful information. If you supervise an employee who is covered by a collective agreement, employee relations can help you in the event of a problem, including, but not limited to: each bargaining unit has a collective agreement (contract) that sets your wages, hours, sick periods and other conditions of employment. Visit your union`s website for more information. Positions without a unit are not subject to a collective agreement. Non-professional staff are subject to the Non-Unit Staff Directive. Your link to the personnel policy for non-unit pros. Non-unitary professional positions are not covered by a collective agreement. Learn more about your benefits, update your personal data, find the holiday plan. Your collective agreements can also be found here.

Staff relations are linked to the maintenance of the relationships of employees/managers or collaborators who contribute to the culture of success of the university. The Industrial Relations Office helps them prevent and resolve problems that affect people who are a result of or affect people who are involved in work situations. The office is the principal representative of the university in all labour relations, including all collective agreements. Employee Relations provides advice on a wide range of employment issues and concerns to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all higher education staff. We have now concluded a good semester of negotiations, including the Impact negotiations on covid-19 and the main negotiations on the succession agreement (2017-20). The state of Massachusetts has not provided its annual budget parameters, which are necessary for us to begin wage negotiations – although that hasn`t stopped Admin from offering us 0% preventative increases for the next three years. We have refused and we are waiting for information from the state. Negotiations on the succession agreement (20-23) have begun. For more information, click here. For a list of other binding agreements, including the Red Book, the CLA 2/2 program and the parking agreement, click here. The management of salaries for university staff, such as faculty, librarians and research fellows, is managed by the research office. The faculty and librarians are covered by the collective agreement.

The positions of civil servants are covered by the collective agreement with the International Brotherhood of Police Officers and have another salary plan to be found in the collective agreement. We work with higher education staff to ensure that staff are fairly compensated under higher education policy, programs and collective agreements. We are responsible for: NOTE: The annual Health Care Assistance Fund covered by Section 26.6.1, Point c), the treaty (commonly referred to as “gap insurance”) was affected by the treaty. Here you will find a replacement agreement on the assurance of gaps between the FSU and the administration. Joel Posner Senior Director of Labor Relations Staff strives to provide the university community with a wide range of services that are essential to the acquisition, support, development and commitment of a quality workforce.