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What Should Be Included In A Secondment Agreement

In international detachment agreements, the following additional conditions should be addressed: our international economic lawyers are competent in the development and negotiation of international detachment agreements. We have expertise in auditing and developing choice clauses, confidentiality clauses, non-competition agreements and other provisions that are normally included and/or mentioned in secondment agreements. Contact our office to discuss secondment agreements with our international business lawyers. You can also call us at 866-583-9129. The agreement should also indicate how long it takes the Member to commit to the secondment obligations. Full-time agreements are the most common, but it is open to the employer to require the Member to reserve some time each week for his or her own work. The detachment agreement must therefore include a description of the MP`s duties during the secondment. One option is to be able to attach a full description of the MP`s role to the detachment agreement. On the other hand, the parties may prefer that the description of the services be very general to give the host more flexibility. In order to avoid service problems, it is advisable to define the work schedules, the type of work and the person or team to which the Member will report for the duration of the secondment.

Some secondment agreements also include a single fee if you wish to hire the member. It`s a bit like a recruitment agent could charge a recruitment fee. Be sure to review the contract carefully and consider the impact it could have on your business. If one agrees to participate in a secondment, the terms of the Member`s employment contract will inevitably be different. The secondment agreement must therefore provide that the Member accepts the change to the employment regime. Therefore, the employer must ensure that the agreement is approved by the Member before the secondment contract is concluded. The Member must be a contracting party to the agreement or, in another way, approve the conditions for the Member. A secondment is the temporary assignment of an employee either within an organization or outside a separate company.